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General Information

Name: Harleen Quinzel
Alias: Harley Quinn
Canon: Batman the Animated Series
House: 1249 Williams Road
House Mates: Jolt (not!Husband)


-Normal clothes from home
- Her costume
- Her giant wooden mallet
- Her immunity to most poisons and toxins
- Her scrapbook with pictures/articles of the various villains
- Her regular non costume clothes back, tee shirts and shorts...jeans
- Her enhanced strength and stamina
- Her pop gun
- Her asylum uniform
- Her two pet hyenas
- Her roller-skates
- The toy jester/clown doll she has in Arkham
- Some joker toxin
- Her pogo stick
- Her release papers from Arkham Asylum. The ones saying she is sane now.
- That pink dress she bought once
- Some more Joker toxin
- The cop disguise she wore
- Some more costume makeup 



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Feb. 16th, 2016 09:06 pm
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Credit to [personal profile] esper
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[Harley has been having a blast, Halloween coming up after all. The best holiday of all. And they were going to have a great time! Everything was awesome for once! 
Of course it never lasts. She found Vince dusting the toy shop. A quick run to his house and she see's everything she needs to. ...Or more like the lack of everything she needs to. She is not pleased.

The phone is knocked off the hook. Mayfield you may now here a HIGHLY distraught woman yelling through tears. It sounds like someone is throwing things as well.]


Stop it! Stop it right now! 

[A smash]

"Mrs. Quinn I think we should get to work."


"Well I'm going to go and clean the window's now. Keep an eye on the shop won't you?"

[And just sobbing now.]

.....You weren't supposed to leave me....

[Harley notices the phone and grabs it up.]

Fine! Take everyone away from me why don't you! What's the point! I try and try and EVERY TIME they leave. I'm tired of all of this. Torturing us every month, taking away people. Bringing people back who don't remember you anyway!

Well I've had it! I QUIT! I'm not doing anything here ever again! I don't CARE if I get droned. This place is horrible! And whoever's doing this is a sick freak! 

[And with that she slams the phone down and marches home. Call back? Try to drag her out of her locked bedroom? She's inside crying but she'll answer the phone or a knock on the door.]
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Okay well I totally called zombies....even if I figured that they'd do them in October. But anyone whose been here for over two years now....HA! TOLD YOU SO!

Which reminds me.

It's October! Which means the best holiday ever is coming up! Halloween! Any kid out there? You don't know what Halloween is? Two words.

Free Candy.

Okay and Lucas! You're goin' out and we're dressin' up. In fact, any kid that wants to go out on Halloween, can come. We can make it a group thing in case the town tries to be a jerk about things.

Vince you're in too! We have to get awesome costumes again!

Red you'll come too right? 

Oh maybe we should get Eddie and Crane and see if they want to have a party or somethin'.

[Action: Harley is in a good mood today. You can find her....

A. Walking two really scary looking dogs...oh god are those things hyena's? Why yes. Try to avoid them on the sidewalk? Stare? Come up and ask what the hell is wrong with you?

B. At the toy store, setting up a display of toys in the window.

C. Roller-skating in the park. Crazy-lady at 4-o'clock. Don't get run over.]

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Ugh, well I don’t think I’m ever drinking milk again after that. Man this place sucks. 

[Action: Harley has the best plan ever. It cannot fail.

A. Does Harley know you? AT ALL? Any form of contact from a hello to long conversations to a, why the hell are you dressed like a clown? She is knocking on your door. ESPECIALLY YOU EDWARD! Though not dressed like a clown this time. Feel free to have no cr with her and answer the door. She get's lost a lot still. 

B. At her house, looking through some papers for something.

C . Red! Harley is hanging out with you. Which is not odd itself. But she’s been looking at you a lot lately.

ooc: I appologize in advance for this spacing and the font.]

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 Hey Mayfield! Just needed to get a few things off my chest.

My real name's not Harley Quinn, It's Harleen Quinzel. I used to be a doctor but then I fell in love with a criminal and broke him out of the asylum. Sometimes I don't know why I keep going back to him. He hits me and throws me around when he's angry. One time he threw me out a window. But I always come back, because I'm a doormat like that..... I just don't like to think about it. 

I was almost cured once. But then a bunch of accidents happened and I ended up losin' it again. I still wish it had worked out. Sometimes I'm just really tired of running away from the cops and Batman all the time. 

I almost killed Batman before. It would have worked too, but he tricked me into getting the Joker there. That's when Mr. J threw me out a window. Because I didn't get the joke. 

Sometimes I worry that everything isn't a joke and that I'm just doing horrible things to people. But I don't realize because I've lost my mind. 

....I really hate this place. I'd rather spend the rest of my life in Arkham then be here another month. Everyone leaves me and I just don't want to be alone.
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Well that was a lot of fun ....not. Think they ever get bored with messin' with our heads? .....Probably not. Guess we're back to boring town until next month though. Anyone got any plans before then? 

Oh! And if if anyone wants to talk about stuff... I am a trained psychiatrist! I might be able to help. Because I need somethin' ta do with my time here. I work at the toy store if you want to drop by.

Oh and Ivy! You're back to normal right? You need to come over for a sleepover or somethin' for a few days. 

[Harley is back into her normal routine now that memories aren't diving into her head. You can find her around: 

A. On her lawn playing with two large hyena's. Whose a good doggies. Yes you are.

B. In the toy shop building a giant tower out of blocks. Don't startle her, it might come falling down.

C. Roller-skating down the street. She's not paying much attention though..... hopefully you won't be in her way....feel free to have her run into you.]

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 [A. Early Monday Morning: Action for [ profile] istheatmosphere : Oh guess what! You're waking up now, on the ground in the middle of the park! Harley's in her clown costume and poking your shoulder. Man knocking people out and dragging their unconscious forms to a park is hard work.]

Hey, hey singing lady! 

[B. Action for [ profile] poisonivyforyou : Red, Red! Somehow Harley managed to get you to wear a blindfold and is now dragging you towards a strange location. What are you getting yourself into?]

Come on Red!

[C. OPEN: Remember the park? How bland and boring it was? Well with the help of a magical singing lady, the park is now OVERGROWN with plants, everywhere. Harley is standing there in her clown costume looking pleased. Ivy may be around somewhere. Come up and ask where the jungle came from?]

[ooc: The park will be returned to normal by Tuesday of course.]
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[Hey Mayfield, guess who just woke up with some leftover rage and the knowledge that she totally made out with her friend/fellow Arkham inmate for no real reason. 

Yeah. Not hard.

Housemates you can find her inside the house, hugging a stuffed clown doll and either crying or angrily ranting in a seething rage.]
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 [So guess who also has false memories of a secret romance.....Harley! So she's really happy tonight because she's actually going on a date. A real date! She hasn't been on one of those in......

Okay that was kinda depressing.

But oh well! She was going on one now and doing all that pre-date stuff, like searching for a dress and fun stuff like that. And at six she's actually ready to meet Eddie! Yay!

Smiling while she bobs up and down on her feet waiting for her date to show up.]
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 [Hey Mayfield, some in the barber is throwing a fit. So much so you can hear them on the phone that just knocked over.]

What'a mean I don't work here?! I was here yesterday!


Oh don't you get smart with me lady!

[There is a noise that makes it sound like something is being thrown in the air. It could be the telephone because the line cuts off there.]

[An hour or so later the same voice will be on the phone again. Feel free to mention the previous yelling.]

So apparently I work at a toy store now. Go figure. 


If for whatever reason you come to the toystore. There is a woman inside it dressed like a clown. She seems to be playing with the toys more then trying to sell them. She seems to be having fun though?]
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 [Anyone who knows her well, probably noticed Harley hasn't been at her best these last few days. However this morning she finds two boxes outside her house. Mayfield have a very loud sequel of excitement.

A. if you walk by 1249 Williams Road you will see a woman hugging two large animals. Hyena's to be exact. She seems ecstatic. ]

My babies! Come see your momma!! I missed you so, so much! 

[Later that day. 


She got her roller-skates back too. Feel free to run into her. Literately or not. And yes, she's walking the dogs.]
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 [Christmas! Christmas! Harley is so happy

There is a scream and you can hear the end of it as she knocks over the phone. She's opened her presents. She grabs the phone from the floor and yells into it.]

This is sick! ....This town is just....just sick!

[She'll slam the phone down and her family can find her with the boxes in front of her.]
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 Ugh, I forgot how boring this place was when it's not trying to kill us. And I'm totally getting tired of cuttin' people's hair all the time.  Really tired....

Does anyone have somethin' interesting to do?

[You can also find Harley in three places

a. In the comic book store making fun of the 50's hero's/Holy 4th wall batman!

b. Outside her house drawing in a Batman comic book/making it better.

c. In the park under a tree. Being bored out of her mind/staring at the sky.]
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[Hey Ivy, someones been pounding on your door/Found out you died.]

Red! Red! Open up!

[Also to the rest of the town.]

Halloweens here! Anyone got some good costume idea's?
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Hey Mayfield! Do you need a new haircut?! Of course you do! Well it’s your lucky day ‘cause we’re holdin’ a special sale! 
All non droney people get their haircut for free! Just come by and we’ll make sure you hair is awesome!

[A voice can be heard from the other end of the phone. For those who know him, it is indeed Vince]

"Oi, Harley, we're almost outta Kool-Aid!"

[Harley and Vince have decided to spruce up the drones. You may notice drones walking around town with brightly coloured hair and mohawks. Also some have painted flowers on their heads. Posting order is you-Harley-Vince. They'll be offering some of the wacky hairstyles to the people who drop in for a cut as well.]
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Fathers day.

Sounds like a fun day for dad's. Does that mean I have to track down a fake dad here? Or am I supposed to get Jolt somethin'?

[If anyone wants to bother Harley. Here's their chance.]
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[Ever since Robo's been droned Harley's been a little down in the dumps. So she's decided to cheer her self up with some gardening to remind her of Ivy. You can find her out on her lawn humming merrily as she works in the garden. Anyone who knows plants might notice that there is a good sized crop of Poison Ivy growing in the garden but Harley doesn't seem to pay much mind to saftey when it comes to it. Come bother her?]
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[Harley has discovered that her remaining son isn't acting normal....well like himself anymore...she's not taking it well at all. And the phone is pushed to the side in annoyence and off the hook so everyone can hear Harley yelling at someone.]

Snap out of it! I don't care what you're doing, just snap out of it!

"But mom, I'm not doing anything. I just asked if you were coming to watch the game tonight"

Shut.up! Just shut up! You can't be a drone. I won't let you!

[Notices the phone and picks it up and is too frazzled to filter it. She doesn't even remember if Jolt was home or not.]

Hello Jolt?  Sideswipe, I don't care who. Get your buts back here, there's something wrong Kaito. You have to fix him!


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